Auto­HTML-Generating Software

by Philip A. Thomas

copyright © 1996-1999 by Philip A. Thomas


This site contains an evaluation-ware version and documentation of the Auto-HTML-Generating System ©1996-1999 by Philip A. Thomas. This system, developed in ObjectPAL (Paradox for Windows [PDOXWIN] environment), enables the user to quickly and easily create multiple similarly-formatted HTML documents based on data in a user-defined database table (PDOXWIN or dBase) or results of a PDOXWIN query (.QBE file). (It should be noted that this software requires PDOXWIN v.5.0 or later in order to be used.)

The Auto-HTML-Generating System (AHGS) may neither used nor sold without the express consent of the copyright holder. It is being made available online for evaluation purposes only, as a public service.

NOTE: The version posted here is "Version 1"! Version 1.23 is the current version (as of March 1999), which includes a number of substantial improvements. Ask pt@philipt.com for info on availability of the latest version.

The following components of AGHS are available from this site:

NOTE: Be SURE to follow the installation instructions provided in the documentation. If you don't, AHGS will NOT work!

Have fun! -pt

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The fine print: The software accessed via this page was written by Philip A. Thomas and is copyrighted © 1996-1999 by Philip A. Thomas. It is available from this site as EVALUATION-WARE, and may be downloaded for 30­DAY EVALUATION ONLY, after which time arrangements for further use must be made with Philip A. Thomas, P.O. Box 1272, Puunene, Hawaii 96784 USA. Upon agreement upon acceptable terms, revocable LICENSE TO USE the software will be granted. This software is not warranted to be fit for any particular use; under no circumstances will the author/seller be liable for any pecuniary damages, either direct or incidental; this software is NOT offered to anyone in an area where such exclusions are illegal. After satifactory arrangements have been agreed upon AND upon request, ObjectPAL source code may be electronically transmitted to the e­mail address of the licensee. Neither the source code or delivered code or documentation may be copied in any way (except as allowed by law for backup purposes) or transmitted in any way to another person by the licensee. Neither support nor media is included with the software. The licensee is responsible for maintaining valid licenses of any other software (e.g. Windows, Paradox for Windows) required to run this software. In case of any questions, contact the author/copyright holder.
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